Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vennilave Vennilave

vennilavae vennilavae vinnaiththaandi varuvaayaa
moon, o full moon, will you cross the skies and come to me
vilaiyaada joadi thaevai
i need someone to play with 
vennilavae vennilavae vinnaiththaandi varuvaayaa
vilayaada joadi thaevai (vennilavae)

indha booloagaththil yaarum paarkkum munnae
before anyone in this world sees you
unnai adhikaalai anuppi vaippoam (vennilavae)
i'll send you back to where you came from

idhu irullalla adhu oliyalla idhu rendoadum saeraadha ponnaeram (2)
this isn't nighttime, it's not daytime either, it's the golden time in between them
thalai saayaadhae vizhi moodaadhae sila mottukkal sattenru poovaagum
don't put down your head, don't close your eyes, some buds will suddenly blossom into flowers
girl, oh girl
booloagam ellaamae thoongippoana pinnae
after everything in the world goes to sleep
pulloadu poomeedu oasai kaetkum pennae
you can hear the sound of the grass colliding with the flowers, girl
naam iravin madiyil pillaigal aavoam paalootta nilavundu
we'll become children in the lap of the night, the moon is there to feed us milk

ettaadha uyaraththil nilavai vaiththavan yaaru
who placed the moon at a height we can't reach?
kaiyoadu sikkaamal kaatrai vaiththavan yaaru
who created wind that we can't catch in our hands?
idhai enni enni iyarkaiyae viyakkiraen
thinking of this, i try to explain nature
ettaadha uyaraththil nilavai vaiththavan yaaru
poongaatru ariyaamal poovaith thirakka vaendum
i want to open the flowers without the wind knowing of it
pookooda ariyaamal thaenai rusikka vaendum
i want to relish the honey without the flowers knowing of it
ada ulagai rasikka vaendum naan un poanra pennoadu
i want to cherish the world with a girl like you